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Taglib documentation for tag mak:criterion#


Adds a search criterion to the form. This does not create any inputs, but should be used in combination with <mak:searchField>


Name Required Runtime expression Description Comments
fields true false
The MDD fields to apply this criterion upon
Mandatory; for multiple fields, provide a comma-separated list.
isRange false false
Toggles range searching on the field(s)
Values are true or false; defaults to false.
matchMode false false
Defines how the search terms shall be matched. Allowed values depend on the data types:
  • for string matches, i.e. char and text: 'contains', 'equals', 'begins', 'ends'
  • for range matches, i.e. int, real and date: 'between', 'betweenInclusive'
  • for number comparisons, i.e. int and real: 'equals', 'lessThan', 'greaterThan'
  • for date comparisons: 'equals', 'before', 'after'
Defaults to 'equals' for string, number and date comparisons, and 'betweenInclusive' for range comparisons.
(from mak:list)
false false
Tag's identifier
Can be used to distinguish otherwise identical tags on a page (to avoid confusion by Makumba's JSP analyser)

See also#

mak:searchForm, mak:resultList, mak:matchMode, mak:searchField


<mak:searchForm in="company.Employee" name="searchEmployee">
    <mak:criterion fields="name"> ... </mak:criterion>

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