Makumba manifesto#

When developing a webapp, coding should go directly to the most important things. Reducing the amount of time necessary to develop a dynamic website is crucial - complicated DAO objects are nice, but in 99% of the case you won't need them in for a small/medium site. makumba cuts off the redundant and not important code and lets you focus on what matters: bringing information to the user.

Everything is a query. There's a lot of information you want to store and show and queries are a simple way to do so. Just write down what data you want, and makumba takes it from the database directly to the page for you. It doesn't matter if what you are looking for is complex, Makumba lets you query for everything you could think of. Plus, you can cut your queries in smaller chunks and let makumba combine them for you.

Developing a webapp should be simple. Knowing complicated programming languages is good, but it shouldn't be required to create advanced sites. You can learn to use makumba in only a couple of hours, and its advanced developer support will help you do many things without much hussle. With the code generator you can even create entire parts of a site in no time, without coding anything.

Your webapps should be fast. Today's Internet users are expecting performance and this is what Makumba delivers. It doesn't matter if your page is complex, makumba optimises the operations it has to do so that surfing your sites will feel smooth.

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