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Taglib documentation for tag mak:response#


<mak:response/> prints information about the results of the actions that were performed by the makumba controller (e.g. for a form submit or deleteLink): It either displays the message="..." parameter of the form tag (in green) in case of success, or (in red) the message of a uncaught LogicException resulting from Business Logic. Other exception types will provoke an exception page.

The unformatted message is available as request-scope attribute makumba.response. The jsp page can get hold of the message using e.g.

<% String s = (String) request.getAttribute("makumba.response") %>

Similarly, request-scope attribute makumba.successfulResponse is set only in case of successful action execution.

<% if (null == request.getAttribute("makumba.successfulResponse")) { /* action failed */ } %>


This tag has no attributes

See also#

mak:action, mak:form, mak:newForm, mak:addForm, mak:editForm, mak:deleteLink, mak:delete


<mak:response />

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